Missions begins at home

Every night, my father would be sitting at his table, Bible and notebook open before him, eyes attentively following each line. My mother would be busy in the study, preparing materials for [...]


Ready to work together

How has your life story brought you in to this present role? My journey toward Christ was formed by a fascination with the thinking of C.S. Lewis and that somebody gave me a Bible. As I got [...]


Carolling in the red-light district

Silent night, holy night. The evening rain kept pelting on the carollers’ faces. All is calm, all is bright. Still the singers went out into the streets of the red-light district, where the neon [...]

An Epic Adventure

Willy Ong had just completed two years of what he called “an epic adventure” on board the OM Ship, Logos Hope, only to return home to start another one as OM Singapore’s Field Leader today. Willy [...]

The great missions challenge

It was a maiden effort. Operation Mobilisation (OM) entities in Singapore organised their inaugural combined missions conference, “The Missions Challenge in a Fast-Changing World,” at Singapore [...]

Church of the future

God is causing a global missions movement to sweep across the nations in a powerful and unprecedented way. The movement is not lateral anymore from the West to the East, but multilateral, dynamic [...]

A voice to the voiceless

Dara* shifted about in the shadows of a dim street. Strapped in a tight, revealing red dress, the young girl looked like she had come from Southeast Asia. She stood vulnerably in Geylang, the [...]