An Epic Adventure

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willyWilly Ong had just completed two years of what he called “an epic adventure” on board the OM Ship, Logos Hope, only to return home to start another one as OM Singapore’s Field Leader today. Willy and his wife, Sharon, and their children, Astrid and Nicholas, are from Bethesda Frankel Estate Church. With a degree in Business Studies and a Graduate Diploma in Social Work, Willy was an Assistant Director at Singapore’s National Council of Social Service. On board Logos Hope, his roles included being the Public Ministries Director, the Power Up Logos Hope Project Coordinator and Help Ministries Manager.

Willy is passionate about exploring new ways in which the gospel can reach the world. He said, “I pray that OM Singapore can be firmly established as a God-centred missions organisation, facilitating global missions in which God’s servants are sent out equipped and return fruitful.”


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