Power of Together

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“Every day they continued to meet TOGETHER in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate TOGETHER with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favour of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.” Acts 2:46-47

There is something about the word TOGETHER. In every sense of the word, an experience of a ‘group mission’ can build camaraderie like no other. Going in faith to serve God while sharing the same vision and mission with others can open one’s eyes to see God’s perfect plan in a larger perspective and experience His love and power in unprecedented ways.

Jesus called his disciples with these words: “Come, follow me … and I will make you fishers of men.” (Mark 1:17) See how Jesus invites us into a community first before presenting us the mission. Follow Him, then He will make us evangelists, teachers, apostles, and missionaries. We too can invite others and work together in God’s mission.


“Glorifying God as a group has never been more beautiful,” shared Edwin Toh, who participated in OM’s Golden Age Programme (GAP) with his Chinese fellowship group of seniors aged between 50 and 70 from Bedok Methodist Church. “We learned to work through our differences and focused on the bigger picture.”

The team visited the small town of Tongluo in Taiwan to take part in bringing the Good News to the Hakka, the least-reached people group in Taiwan. As Edwin did so, he saw that it was key to downplay one’s individual performance and weaknesses, but focus on answering God’s calling as a group and contributing willingly.

“Never ignore the smallest contribution in a group; it is part of a perfect plan,” he concluded.


Band of Brothers

Timothy Chua took part in a mission trip to Cebu, Philippines, with his church friends from Hope Presbyterian Church. He recalled how doing mission as a group lowered the levels of anxiety he could have felt.

“Delegation of responsibilities allowed for me to better focus on the spiritual aspects of the mission experience,” he said.

One of his favourite aspects of the mission trip was getting to know others better, especially over the late-night chats with his roommates. He added jokingly, “At the end of the trip, you will also find out who snores the loudest in their sleep!”

Likened to a “band of brothers”, relationships between friends are heightened to another level during mission trips. Facing unfamiliar situations together, they can support one another spiritually. Having like-minded buddies to inspire and do God’s work with is a true privilege to have.


Good friends Chng Minghui and Hannah Loke spent almost three weeks on a mission trip to minister to children in an orphanage in Myanmar. Each night, they would set aside time to pray together.

“We found that we were less afraid to pray for others and even developed a desire to pray more for others,” said Hannah, who managed to endure together with her good friend an 18-hour long power cut and a toilet that broke down thrice.

“We took our friendship to another level,” Hannah smiled.


Serene Low went on a mission trip to reach out to children and youth in Taiwan with her teacher friend, Salome Sim. She appreciated the support from her mission partner when it came to evaluating her day’s activities.

“Having someone to communicate my reflections forced me to make meaning of the daily happenings and made me aware of God at work, instead of letting it whizz by,” she said. This helped her to be accountable and spiritually prepared for the trip.

Through sharing life with Salome, Serene found God breathing new insights into her life, showing her “the reality of a personal God who dealt with every heart differently”. The combination of both their personalities and diverse skills enabled them to be bigger vessels for God.

Go on mission with your buddy, co-worker, church group, or family. View missions opportunities here: www.sg.om.org/go


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